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“Simply Exceptional, Intensely personal & empowering.”

“Mieka has an innate ability & willingness to share on such a personal level. It inspires & reminds me to be open in life. These reminders bring a peace and happiness to my life that has easily been misplaced in the past.  She is so relatable. Choose to live!”

'This instructor clearly walks the talk and delivered from a place of genuine personal commitment and experience. Wonderful.'

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Fuel The Heart
Detox with a Twist
Happy 1
Happy 2

Choosing Happy Full Day Workshop Sept 20th 2015

To have Mieka host a workshop please email mieka@bell.net


A day of Choosing Happy


This day -long or half day long retreat will take you deep inside yourselves to unlock your potential for Choosing Happy.  Join Mieka for one or both of these workshops geared towards unlocking your happy powers to creating success and feeling great in all aspects of life. 


In Choosing Happy Part One-

In this fun and interactive workshop you will understand your true happy potential and how you can apply this each and everyday.  Mieka will use a platform of positive psychology, yoga, meditation and her own personal experiences to help you connect with and create a greater awareness of how accessible choosing happy truly can be.


In Choosing Happy Part Two

Life can offer it’s obstacles and challenges that can make the path of Choosing Happy seem impossible.  In this workshop we will explore various techniques researched through positive psychology, yoga and meditation to help in the process of healing wounds, addressing fears and creating an understanding that being authentic with our emotions is indeed a part of Choosing Happy.  

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