Mieka Forte Life Coach Motivational Speaker
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Life Coaching

After having worked in the health and fitness industry for over 18 years, Mieka has developed a passion for keeping her clients motivated, inspired and connected to their goals.   Pulling from her degree in Kinesiology, studies in Positive Psychology, a career in management, Yoga and her unique life experiences, Mieka creates for YOU a platform for transformation and change.


Mieka will unlock your potential and powerfully guide you along your way.  She helps people connect with the multiple aspects of who they are through physical activity, self-inquiry and Positive Psychology.   Mieka ‘s strategies cultivate an understanding of the true sense of who you are and the goals you have in all aspects of life, creating the driving force for success and happiness.


Who does she work with?  You.  And all sorts of others.  Because everyone has the capacity for happiness. Top executives, elite athletes, patients with chronic illness and just about everyone else.  We all have dreams and goals.  Let Mieka challenge your best self into existence.

If you are interested in life coaching contact Mieka at mieka@bell.net


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